As part of the Univerus Group, Blue Ocean Systems offers Univerus Health & Safety customers the opportunity to integrate their Health & Safety software with existing SAP ERP systems.


Health and safety legislation demands that employers do their utmost to prevent accidents from occurring. These requirements have become increasingly stringent over the years, making up-to-date health and safety procedures integral to the modern workplace.

To avoid becoming overwhelmed by new rules and regulations, organizations have turned to technology to efficiently establish health and safety protocols among employees. Specialist software removes complexity, providing businesses with an accessible platform with which to educate staff, record compliance, and store important documentation.

Univerus Health and Safety is a prime example of this. It is a versatile web-based application that can be accessed using both mobile and desktop devices, improving efficiency both in terms of distributing and collecting health & safety program data.

The platform supports industry best practices through organizational structure, responsibility, and due diligence. This helps ensure that all business operations are being carried out in a safe, effective, and compliant manner. Key business activities are aligned with specific legislative, regulatory, or corporate requirements to ensure that all parties involved are aware of the health and safety guidelines that need to be followed – reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Critical signoffs, test results, certifications, licenses, and evaluations can be managed through internal or external content providers to make sure that all the necessary documentation is in order and up to date.

Centralized record-keeping, notifications, scheduling, and process workflows are essential for efficient and effective management of health and safety programs. Thankfully, Univerus Health & Safety rationalizes these elements into one package to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

The system facilitates effortless management of program review, revision, and document control through a continuous improvement process, making it easy to adapt health and safety programs to accommodate changing circumstances such as new legislation.

In terms of usability, the software features intuitive dashboards that provide visibility across every level of the organization, allowing managers to monitor employee compliance and performance at a glance.  Any areas that require improvement can be identified quickly, allowing managers to put training plans in place where necessary.

Univerus Health & Safety is quick and easy to configure – and with the help of Blue Ocean Systems – it can be seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. This enables management personnel to monitor critical health and safety data alongside information gathered from other business activities.



SAP Business ByDesign 


SAP Business ByDesign is a scalable cloud-hosted ERP solution designed to dramatically reduce operational complexity and cost.  

The platform is dynamic and configurable, so it can be kept up to date and expanded in line with business growth. SAP Business ByDesign integration provides a unified view across multiple business departments such as Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Service & Contract Management, and Human Resources.   

SAP Business ByDesign facilitates greater transparency and informs decisions in real time. Implementation is fast and straightforward, minimizing disruption to existing business operations activity. 


SAP Business One 


SAP Business One is a ‘turnkey’ business management solution that allows users to manage complex management tasks from a single database.   

The system is intuitive, flexible, and secure, with market-leading integration capabilities that are currently being utilized by more than 60,000 clients globally.  

SAP Business One software can be deployed on-premises or via the cloud to give a unified view across multiple business departments such as Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Service & Contract Management, and Human Resources. 


Blue Ocean Systems 


Blue Ocean Systems configures and implements SAP technology to meet the needs of small to medium-sized organizations. The result is a sophisticated database platform that is fully customizable. 

Integrations are flexible and scalable – allowing users to benefit from the same advanced technology utilized by large businesses, but at a fraction of the cost. Blue Ocean Systems curates the most relevant aspects of SAP into a customized solution that features industry-specific tools and integrates seamlessly with existing ‘standard package’ software. 


Univerus Health & Safety


Univerus Health & Safety is focused on reducing or eliminating risk in the pursuit of an accident and incident free workplace environment. To help achieve this, the company has created a comprehensive software solution that automates the administration of employee health and safety programs.

Users can access the system via a next-gen mobile app or HSE desktop software, maximizing accessibility for managers and their staff. Thanks to Univerus Health & Safety, It has never been easier for staff to stay up to date with changing requirements, programs, documents, training and more.