Blue Ocean's implementation process involves taking big business technology, and adapting it for smaller organizations. The result is a sophisticated database platform that is fully customizable.

Powered by SAP

As well as being intuitive, flexible, and secure, our SAP software integrations boast unparalleled functionality, while significantly lowering technology costs.

  • End-to-end automation of business tasks
  • Accurate real-time reporting and analytics
  • Complete operational visibility and control
  • Customized features to meet industry-specific requirements
  • Access to critical data – anytime, anywhere

Univerus integration

Public sector organizations can now integrate SAP ERP Software into the Univerus platform to create a comprehensive view of operations.

Built to meet your specific requirements

The SAP software deployed by Blue Ocean is designed to be both flexible and scalable. Users benefit from the same advanced technology utilized by large businesses, but at a fraction of the cost. We curate the most relevant aspects of the SAP Business One system to provide a customized solution that is the perfect fit for your business, regardless of its size.

  • Customized software packages
  • Industry-specific tools
  • Flexible and scalable – system can be adapted as business grows in size
  • Integrates with existing ‘standard package’ software
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User-friendly and affordable

Blue Ocean leverages SAP mobile technology to help you do business from anywhere. Whether you are onsite or working remotely, our implementation of cloud-based SAP systems puts all the tools you need within easy reach. By focusing solely on the tools you need, we are able to provide SAP software packages that are both user-friendly and affordable.

  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Intuitive user interface – quick to set up and optimize
  • Advanced technology made affordable for small and medium-sized organizations

Software solutions for every aspect of your business


Take control of accounting procedures and produce sophisticated financial reports. Blue Ocean enables you to manage costs, cash flow, budget control, general banking, and more in one place.


Billing and procurement tasks can be completed with ease. Organize payments, quotations and purchase orders while allowing customers to manage their accounts through a personalized portal.


Stay on top of customer activity and provide the best possible service with customized CRM software. Blue Ocean offers a host of features designed to help companies organize and review customer service activities while maintaining an up-to-date workflow.

Human Resources

Integrate payroll software, securely manage employee data, and track HR projects. Blue Ocean empowers users to create reports and review project performance in order to maintain efficiency within the HR department.

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