Nowadays, the customers do not judge products by price and quality, but also by the service of delivery, e.g. delivery time, reliability of delivery, delivery readiness.  The dynamics of steadily changing markets makes high requirements to the organization of small and medium sized companies.  In the past, with the fabrication of products, product quality and profitability stood in the foreground.  Nowadays, with increased competitive pressure, business logistics are increasingly being pushed into the foreground.

With the opportune use of a professional logistics system you gather competitive advantage, and thus create a basis for today’s and future markets. You should act as a responsible minded entrepreneur, not react.



The functional elements of business logistics are the traditional business areas marketing, production and procurement. Electronic communication and structured logistics processes support and contribute to these business areas.
The gear-like interaction of these business areas can only be accomplished by tracing and controlling of continuous process chains. These logistic requirements involve auxiliary scopes like service providers and suppliers.
Business logistics controls the supply chain as well (Supply Chain Management). The integration of suppliers, customers, and service providers requires overlapping management- and design approaches, and thus new concepts of optimizing all processes as well as continuous processes and methods.
In practice, this is accomplished through support of intelligent software modules.

Marketing segmentation, target audience, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM), customer analysis and focus group concepts with wide composition. SCM Automotive
Often logistics requirements are made to the areas sales and procurement, which can not be handled by a standard solution. The processing of supply and dispatch are often defined by the needs of the customers. SCM takes over the part of the supply chain processing (SCP) within the supply chain management (SCM) and pictures the whole circuit of business logistics. The module is fully integrated into the SAP Business One Solution.

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All Information can be received and provided via EDI. Alternatively, they can be gathered manually and then be processed afterwards.

The module is interdivisionally applicable to both companies with own production, or finishing industries/ logistics providers and enterprises as well.

With SCM Automotive you have full control of the business logistics.

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