Blue Ocean Systems implements SAP products and integrations that cover a number of everyday business processes including expense, invoice, and travel management.


SAP Concur can be used as a standalone solution or act as an extension to existing SAP ERP systems, seamlessly connecting expenses, invoices and travel management processes to other critical business activities.


Concur Expense

Concur expense management software allows organizations to take control of spending, no matter where it happens. Concur Expense captures spending from multiple sources, providing accurate data with which to make informed spending decisions. The system ensures that employees are reimbursed as quickly as possible and simplifies the expense reporting process for everyone involved.

  • See all expense data in one place
  • Configure settings to specific business needs
  • Easily enforce and change spending policies
  • Automatically capture receipts and process reports


Concur Invoice

Vendor payments can impact profitability just as much as revenue, yet many businesses continue to use inefficient manual processes to manage their accounts. By automating invoice management with Concur Invoice, businesses can improve visibility of spending, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

  • Control costs by getting ahead of vendor spending
  • Increase compliance and reduce fraud
  • Give employees mobile tools so they can work anywhere
  • Capture data and make better business decisions


Concur Travel

Whether a travel program is managed, unmanaged, or somewhere in between, Concur Travel can help organizations create an automated, integrated corporate travel system that will simplify the booking experience and help control costs.

  • Capture travel data, no matter where it’s booked
  • See consolidated travel data on a single dashboard
  • Easily book air, rail, hotel, and car using one online booking tool
  • Make policy compliance easy for employees
  • Give employees the freedom to book travel on their own


How does SAP Concur software integration work?


As part of the Univerus Group, Blue Ocean Systems is able to implement SAP systems with Concur software integration, removing the need for manual procedures.



Replacing manual processes

Univerus middleware facilitates a two-way connection that brings together master data from SAP Business One and SAP Concur to incorporate expense reports and other transactional information in one financial reporting system.



Data flow between SAP Business One and SAP Concur

Data can be monitored as it gets exchanged between the two platforms. Spending data is transferred from SAP Business One to Concur, and process feedback travels in the opposite direction to complete the cycle of information.



Ultimately, the integration of SAP Concur software provides a simple way to retrieve expense reports and process financial postings while also ensuring that no data slips through the net. Increasing the visibility of expenses and payments in this manner boosts fiscal accountability among employees without the need for manual reporting procedures.


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Blue Ocean Systems


Blue Ocean Systems configures and implements SAP technology to meet the needs of small to medium-sized organizations. The result is a sophisticated database platform that is fully customizable.

Integrations are flexible and scalable – allowing users to benefit from the same advanced technology utilized by large businesses, but at a fraction of the cost. Blue Ocean Systems curates the most relevant aspects of SAP into a customized solution that features industry-specific tools and integrates seamlessly with existing ‘standard package’ software.


SAP Concur


SAP Concur automates expense, invoice, and travel management processes through a web-based solution accessed via an online portal. There is also a convenient mobile application that allows management to review and approve expenses in just a few clicks. Importantly, the platform provides a paperless tracking option which removes the need for physical receipts.


SAP Business One


SAP Business One is a ‘turnkey’ business management solution that allows users to manage complex management tasks from a single database.

The system is intuitive, flexible, and secure, with market-leading integration capabilities that are currently being utilized by more than 60,000 clients globally.

SAP Business One software can be deployed on-premises or via the cloud to give a unified view across multiple business departments such as Finance & Accounting, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Service & Contract Management, and Human Resources.