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Our Business – We let you concentrate on what you do best!

Blue Ocean Systems is your complete resource for personal, professional and experienced business software and implementation services.  We apply and adapt big business knowledge to serve the unique needs of the small and mid-size companies.  From providing short-term business advice to becoming your long-term consulting partner, our team can increase your productivity and let you concentrate on what you do best.

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  • We follow the principle to find a better way of doing things and to go to the blue waters to bring a new way of implementing business systems for growing companies using the breadth of experience of a large company and the flexibility and cost structure of a smaller company.
  • Value Innovation is the Key to our Business Strategy
  • Along the way our goal is to build more jobs back in America while being a global citizen and to encourage more women to contribute to the tech world to build future apps.



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We have taken the Blue Ocean Flag to Mount Everest!!

Strategy – Blue Ocean’s strategy is to easily bring more and more growth companies into the future using modern business software successfully and continually optimizing with new benefits.  Its niche is to apply the platform of SAP Business One into Multinational and Industry specific segments such as Manufacturing and the Utility Industry.

Along the way our goal is to build more jobs back in America while being a global citizen and to encourage more women to contribute to the tech world to build future apps.

Skills – It’s about the ability to communicate on technical and business process matters along with critical design thinking and depth of software and programming of modern applications.   The ability to help organizations in Change Management is a critical skillset. The technical skills are accounting sales procurement manufacturing inventory service and warehousing knowledge in both small and large single or multinational companies.

Style – We are passionate about doing quality work and appreciating the team in its endeavors both at the customer, within Blue Ocean and with our business partners.  We believe in being proactive and when an issue is brought to the table, we address it with facts and urgency – along with fairness and respect.

Staff – Blue Ocean is a Professional organization certified in SAP software.  We are a mix of highly senior and young professionals who are both deeply technical in computing and yet operates with high character to do the right thing as businesses transform to change with the installation of new computer systems that can increase the daily stress of work to bring to peaceful results.

Blue Ocean is an early adopter of promising technologies that are diligently reviewed to bring high value to our customers.

Shared Values – Blue Ocean believes that computer applications can make your life fun and save you time in your daily work!  Modern business systems can now fundamentally help you take you beyond the capabilities of your competitors when you use business apps to its fullest potential – we believe in stepping into the future with your business system project.

Systems – The Blue Ocean Systems are focused on keeping customers informed, keeping our team motivated and customer oriented and ensuring the quality of everything that we do.