Interesting Articles by Malwarebytes – Your 2019 State of Malware Report


The big stories


2019 State of Malware report: Trojans and cryptominers dominate threat landscape

We’ve analyzed all the data from the past year. What did we find? Read on to learn about the state of malware.
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What does ‘consent to tracking’ really mean?

What happens when you click “agree” on that terms of service? The answer will surprise you.
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How to protect against tax-related identity theft

Filing your taxes is already a pain, and cybercriminals have found a way to make it worse.
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All about phishing

Are you being phished? Learn how to spot the scams and avoid becoming a victim.
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Cybersecurity basics
Everything you need to know about cybercrime, all in one place. Read up and stay safe.
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